6 Benefits of Carpet Installation in Sydney

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Deciding on the right flooring can be a difficult task when building or remodeling. There are visual and practical elements to consider along with the price. When it comes to carpet installation, Sydney residents will want to ensure that it is handled by a professional, so they are not faced with a myriad of costly problems down the track.

Before you get to that step however, you may be on the fence as to whether or not carpet is the best choice? As the carpet experts, Capitol Carpets are well aware of the benefits of carpet flooring. Let’s have a look at them to help make your decision. If you do decide on carpet installation, Sydney homeowners know to call Capitol Carpets to ensure the job is done right, every time.

6 Benefits of Carpet Installation

1. Warmth

When Sydney is cold, it’s really cold. A considerable advantage of having carpet in your home moves beyond just comfort to walk on, as it is the best warm flooring option available. Carpet creates a cozy and inviting feel in a home while also being a fantastic insulation option.

By opting for carpet installation, Sydney winters won’t be as rough, and your home will stay warmer, making it a cost-effective investment for your home.

Speaking of insulation, carpet is also an excellent thermal insulator. It’s even comparable to fibreglass in the way that it insulates, offering ten times more insulation than other floor coverings. This number jumps even higher if the carpet is installed over underlay. All of this works to reduce energy costs in heating and cooling, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more environmentally-friendly choice.

Pro tip: To get the most out of this in large areas, ensure you have wall to wall covering as the reduction in heat loss is comparable to the area carpeted.

2. Higher quality air

We all know how much dust can accumulate in a home. Carpeting collects dust, pet hair, and other allergens meaning they won’t sit in the air that you breathe. This is particularly beneficial during hayfever season or for those who have issues with their sinuses.

Simply vacuum your carpet regularly, and all of that unwanted stuff is gone, making it easier for you to maintain a healthy home.

Pro tip: Every now and then hire a professional carpet cleaning company for a really good deep clean, which will extend the life of your carpet and ensure a healthy surrounding.

3. A safer, non-slip surface

Carpets are the safest option in terms of grip, which is well-suited to families who have elderly members or young children. The traction that carpet provides is much safer than surfaces like tile or floorboards, plus, in the event of a fall, you have a more cushioned landing.

Your little ones may be learning to walk, and older family members may be finding it more challenging to get around, carpet creates a safer space for both of these situations ensuring no nasty bruises or broken bones occur.

4. An easy, customisable style

No matter what kind of interior design aesthetic you are going for in your home, it’s easy to find a carpet to match. Carpet isn’t bound to natural elements and colours like stone and wood; you can literally have any design you want!

Complementing a room colour scheme is easy, and you can let your creative side flourish by layering a rug over the carpet to create eye-catching looks while also increasing the comfort and cushioning of a room.

5. Reduced noise

It can get pretty noisy at home, the place that you want to relax in, especially if you have small children. The downside of elements such as timber flooring is the bouncing sound and echoes, which makes for a much noisier space.

With carpet installation, your home gets a little quieter! Carpet will reduce the noise in a room by absorbing sound waves making your home more relaxing.

6. Value

Along with all of the benefits listed above, carpet is also one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to flooring your home.

Unlike options such as wood or ceramic tiles, carpet is sold by the broadloom metre (1m x 3.67m) as opposed to the square metre (1m x 1m). This translates to roughly three-and-a-half more flooring for the comparable price of the other elements in a square metre. If you are trying to stick to a budget, or just looking to cut costs in certain areas, this is often the sticking point that tips people over to a carpet choice.

Call Capitol Carpets for cheap carpet installation cost in Sydney

If all of the above points have convinced you that carpet is the way to go, give Capitol Carpets a call. As we mentioned earlier, carpet installation is not something you want to risk installing yourself. Loose carpet that has not been installed properly can create a tripping hazard and a range of other issues that you will need to pay to fix down the track. Get it done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about it again with Capitol Carpets.

Our independently owned, Sydney-based floor covering company is known for providing the best service and most exceptional products at a great price. Our team can assist you with everything from product selection to project management and installation.

We are well-versed in providing flooring products for commercial and residential situations and have a comprehensive understanding of the operational process of tradespeople, builders, landlords and all other involved parties to ensure that our installation runs smoothly.

We have been laying high-quality carpet suppliers Sydney since 1991 and have built a reputation on quality products, superior craftsmanship, and fantastic service. For all of your carpeting needs, give us a call, and we’ll ensure your home looks impressive while being undeniably comfortable.

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