Stying Your Living Space with Fresh Energy!

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This year, less clutter and a more chic look are what we all need.

Our beautiful hybrid flooring here in Sydney offers you a world of possibilities. Take, for example, a neutral tone with your flooring, adding an element of colour or ‘stand out’ colour pieces to your living space. Texture and types of fabric play an important role in a more stylish and sophisticated look.

Ever felt like you need a change? Now is your opportunity. It’s time to get rid of the old and outdated and freshen your home with newfound energy and brightness. Clear your space and allow your floor space to give you a bigger, brighter look. Our hybrid flooring is a must for any living space. Durable, Waterproof, comfortable and stylish, it offers you an area where cleaning becomes much easier, and style just overflows.

Decluttering Is The Buzzword!

Here is an exercise in decluttering that we thought you might like to try!

Start Small

Get rid of items from your fridge that are outdated or not often used. You may continue this exercise with any drawer or kitchen cupboard that you need to sort out. Slowly start in bedrooms. Just a few items a day will be great to start.

Declutter Some More

As your decluttering continues, you may find that you wish to shift to the next level. Perhaps try this, 12 items a day for 7 days, see how far you get. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t get going. Just start again from where you are!

Decluttering To Make Space For New Energy

If you have moved along to this point, perhaps you wish to switch up a notch again. Give this a try – 27 items a day for 9 days. As we mentioned, don’t lose heart; just begin again from where you are. Don’t be hard on yourself, as more judgment will add more energy to declutter.

As your space clears, remember that the term, less is more, rings true. We find that lots of the time, we hang on to things that no longer serve us, even in terms of our own well-being. Less attachment to material items sometimes brings greater internal peace.

Your space is important, and your energy in your space is too. Allow us to guide you in choosing your hybrid flooring in Sydney that suits your needs. It really is a must, comfortable, stylish and chic. We want you to show it off!

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