The Top 5 Reasons To Choose Timber Flooring For Your Kitchen

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If you are looking to create a home with timber flooring in the most prominent areas, you might as well opt for a hardwood timber floor for your kitchen. Beyond being timeless, it is also an aesthetically pleasing and elegant solution. Overall, there are five main benefits of choosing a hardwood timber floor for your kitchen in Sydney.

  1. Create A Comfortable, Warm Atmosphere

The number one quality of all timber flooring is that it is comfortable and convenient. It is much softer, warmer and less slippery compared to tiles. Many people spend hours in the kitchen making food and socialising with the family, thus needing a warm and comfortable floor to walk around on. Timber flooring is also easy to clean as it does not trap dust or allergens, which helps to maintain a hygienic kitchen environment.

  1. With Proper Maintenance, It Can Last A Lifetime

With proper maintenance and care, timber floors can last decades. Many high-quality finishes are available that help protect your timber floor from everyday movements, such as dropping a plate or spilling juice. The only special attention needed is to ensure no heavy water leakage.

  1. Easy To Style With Dark And Light Colours

Instead of opting for white or black tiles, style your kitchen using light or dark stained timber. Dark timber floors pair perfectly with light furniture and create a warmer atmosphere than black tiles. The lighter shade timber will be the best option for those who want a soft colour to match their darker cupboards and appliances. Also, timber flooring is easier to keep clean and maintain than white tiles that show obvious dirt, wear and tear.

  1. Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

Timber floors are one of the only environmentally friendly flooring solutions. The production process is more energy-efficient and also has a lower carbon emission than other flooring options.

  1. Add Value To Your Property

If you want to sell your house in the future, installing a timber floor in your kitchen and home as a whole adds to its resell value. Nowadays, many people prefer wooden floors and will even go so far as to lift and remove the carpet to expose the timber flooring underneath.

Get Access To Top-Class Flooring Solutions

Timber flooring provides a warm atmosphere to your home, no matter where it is installed. For top of range timber flooring in Sydney, make sure to contact Capitol Flooring for a non-obligatory quote, or about any floorboard sanding and polishing needs to ensure your existing timber floor lasts decades.

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