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If you are building your dream house or renovating your existing home, selecting the flooring is an integral part of making your home beautiful. Not only is flooring a functional aspect of your home given the foot traffic in your household, flooring is part of what makes your home aesthetically-pleasing when you walk through. While there are many options for flooring such as carpet, timber, ceramic tiling, slate and linoleum, vinyl flooring is ever-increasing in popularity. It’s durability and resilience not to mention cost-effectiveness make it a prime choice for flooring for your new or existing home.

Comprised of PVC plastic, vinyl flooring in Sydney is a fantastic choice for different areas of the home including hallways, entrances, living areas and kitchens and bathrooms as it has a high moisture resistance. Vinyl planks and vinyl tiles produce a fabulous finish appearing highly realistic like real timber or stone; the modern cutting edge technologies of today mean vinyl flooring in Sydney are anti-slip approved and truly delightful in any home, easily maintained and kept looking beautiful. Inspirational with our diverse range of vinyl flooring in Sydney options, Capitol Carpets supplies and installs premium-quality vinyl from suppliers, Airstep Flooring, Hanwood, Flinders Lane and Inspired Floor Coverings. Offering a vinyl plank size of one hundred and eighty-three millimetres by twelve hundred and twenty millimetres, we can tailor your vinyl flooring in Sydney to suit your home areas. Armed with an R10 Slip Certificate for being strong in anti-slip even when floors are wet, our Flinders Lane range of vinyl flooring is also suitable for heavy duty commercial establishments and backed by a ten-year commercial wear warranty. With Capitol Carpets, you can be confident and have peace of mind with your beautiful vinyl flooring in Sydney.

Types Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring in Sydney comes in different forms including vinyl sheeting, planks and vinyl tile flooring. Vinyl sheets actually offer more water resistance and are additionally easier to install therefore a cost-effective investment for your property. Capitol Carpets can easily supply and install vinyl sheet flooring within your home or commercial establishment and you can enjoy the fact that it is also stain-resistant. This makes vinyl sheets a popular choice particularly for families with little ones. Vinyl tile flooring is an affordable option which is conducive for high foot traffic areas and commercial establishments such as offices and hospitality venues. It can reflect the look of ceramic tiling and is low in maintenance unlike carpet flooring.

Vinyl flooring in Sydney is a wonderful option for many home owners and business owners and the patterns much like tiling offer a beautiful appearance and make the areas look aesthetically-pleasing when you walk through. Durable and versatile, vinyl tile flooring is a superb option for households with children and pets and for offices and venues. Available in such a vast array of aesthetic looks, vinyl flooring in Sydney can complement homes and commercial properties beautifully matching décor and often reflecting a natural timber appearance. As opposed to linoleum flooring which is comprised of natural materials, vinyl flooring is synthetic and is contemporarily environmentally-friendly. With easy basic cleaning and maintenance such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, vinyl flooring is a low maintenance flooring option which is popular and with modern technology, it is exquisitely-designed.

Why Use A Professional For Your Vinyl Flooring In Sydney

You might be tempted to purchase vinyl flooring and carpet installation in Sydney it yourself; even though vinyl tiles and planks are relatively easy to install, it is still wise to call on the professional. Why? Because DIY projects can go awry and the fantastic aspect of professional flooring specialists are that they know the flooring well, how to optimise the area with tailored measurements to meet specifications and you gain a guarantee with a professional.

Capitol Carpets company is a supplier and installer of luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring and we know the best practice for efficient and cost-effective installation not to mention exceptional workmanship. Delivering outstanding client service to each and every client, we go above and beyond to ensure that professional installation is undertaken by our highly-qualified and experienced team and you can rest assured that your floors will look fabulous once finished. Not only do you gain our expertise and knowledge with a professional supply and install, you gain luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring which is comprised of premium-grade materials made for lasting. Furthermore, time is another factor when considering installing vinyl flooring in Sydney: we are all often time-poor in these times between work, family and lifestyle commitments and installing flooring takes some time and effort which draws you away from your family or quality leisure time outside of work. Save yourself the hassle of installing your flooring yourself and get the professionals to do it; you won’t regret it.

Why Choose Capitol Carpets?

Independently-owned and operated by a dynamic team of professionals, Capitol Carpets is armed with almost three decades of accomplishing superior craftsmanship. Based in Botany, Sydney, we are renowned for delivering exceptional service to our clientele and the finest products such as vinyl flooring in Sydney. Valuing team collaboration, we are highly-qualified and experienced with a diverse range of projects in our portfolio. For both the residential and commercial markets, Capitol Carpets delivers professional supply and installation and achieves a high standard of quality workmanship that is hard to beat. Furthermore, we make vinyl flooring in Sydney affordable and a cost-effective investment for you as we understand the various needs of different clients.

What sets us apart from other flooring companies? We actively listen to your requirements and determine specifications and we liaise with you regarding your choice for vinyl flooring to complement your home or commercial venue. Understanding the importance of aesthetics, we will go above and beyond to assist you in selecting the right flooring option for you. Capitol Carpets offers a pre-sale consultation with an expert, project management and drives efficacy and quality as part of our mission for you. We have purchasing leverage and administrative efficiency so we deliver project completion within time-frames. Our vinyl flooring in Sydney is durable and professionally crafted and being independent means we can offer you objectivity and flexibility with helping you choose what suits your desires. Approaching projects holistically, we cater for diverse requirements and exceed expectations in what we can achieve; you won’t regret your choice when you engage with Capitol Carpets.

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